Black Friday Shots Fired At California Target Over Video Games

A shopping day at Target resulted in a shooting, but thankfully no one was hurt during the incident. It all took place at a Freemont Boulevard Target store and started when a group of suspects attempted to shoplift some video games. Target staff notified security of the shoplifting attempt and once the suspects left the building they were confronted. The group did not go quietly, and at some point, a 17-year old suspect fired shots into the air just outside the store (via FOX 2 KTVU).

Spokeswoman Geneva Bosques described the incident and stated the shoplifting and gunfire were reported on Thursday at 11:38 pm. Bosques also said that after the fight with security and the gunshots one of their friends drove up in a silver Volkswagen, and after the shots were fired they got in and sped off.

Eventually, the police found the car at Mowry Avenue and Glenview Drive, where one of the suspects jumped out of the car. Police did apprehend all five suspects, who were 18 and 19 years old.

They were booked at the station and the stolen merchandise was recovered, as well as a loaded gun. As for the store, Target spokeswoman Jenna Rack said that the store "immediately" called police after the shoplifting was discovered and closed the store for the rest of the night. They also provided police with surveillance video.


Thankfully everyone is okay and no one was hurt, but shoppers who were on hand did tell people on social media to stay away from the area.