Bloodborne Board Game Announced

CMON Limited announced plans to make a Bloodborne board game in 2019.

CMON, the maker of the Bloodborne card game and Kick-Ass: The Board Game, announced plans to adapt the popular horror RPG video game at Gen Con last month. The game will put players in the role of Hunters working together to take down a series of monsters while trying to gain insight into the final boss monster.

Released in 2015, Bloodborne is set in the Gothic city of Yharnam, which is plagued by hideous looking monsters. Throughout the game, players attempt to seek out the source of the monsters and learn more about the origins of the Hunters and the mysterious Hunter's Dream that serves as a respite between fights.

The core Bloodborne game will consist of a five chapter campaign, which each chapter lasting between 60-90 minutes. Players can pick from one of six covenants to join, each of which has their own storyline. This should help with replayability, as each Hunter will have its own storyline in addition to the main challenge of the game.

While details are still scarce about the game, game designer Eric Lang noted that the game would be "really, really hard." That should be good news for players looking for an experience that mimics the original Bloodborne game, which was praised for its challenging gameplay.


CMON is best known for their amazingly detailed miniatures, and we're guessing that the Bloodborne board game will feature miniature versions of both Hunters and monsters.

CMON plans to run a Kickstarter campaign for Bloodborne: The Board Game in 2019. We'll keep Bloodborne fans up to date on any new news about the series as it gets announced.