"Bloodborne Mobile" Listing Taunts Fans of Hit PlayStation Game

Bloodborne fans are constantly asking for PlayStation to do something more with the property be it a remaster, a remake, or a sequel, so any news on the Bloodborne front always sends that community into a tizzy. This week, a true Monkey's Paw situation came about when a new trademark was sighted for something called "Bloodborne Mobile." People were immediately critical and skeptical of the sighting, and as expected, it's not at all what people were asking for.

As spotted by ResetEra users, Bloodborne Mobile recently got rated by the Australian Classification board. The rating which is still up at this time gives the game a "G" age rating which is the lowest the board gives out and lists Rock Great Games as the developer and publisher with no mention of PlayStation, Sony, or FromSoftware.

Needless to say, none of that was very reassuring. Bloodborne is of course rated "M," and Rock Great Games doesn't show up anywhere online through quick searches. The game does technically exist, however, and is available through the Google Play Store.

Wario64 shared a screenshot of the game which can be found here along with some screenshots showing off different Bloodborne weaponry, settings, and more. This listing does indeed have Rock Great Games as the developer, a company which only has one other seemingly unofficial port, "The Surge 2 mobile," available in the store. We haven't yet tried to download the Bloodborne Mobile port available there to see what it looks like, but given how these sorts of unauthorized spin-offs typically go, it's difficult to expect much other than a halfway amusing take on Bloodborne.

This all comes after Bloodborne fans were baited just last week by a tweet from PlayStation which showed only a snippet of the game's box art and asked people to guess what the game was. That naturally whipped fans into a frenzy with thoughts of an impending announcement dominating conversations for a brief time, but the tweet was later deleted. It's unclear what the company was playing at with that teaser, but people weren't too amused by it.

This Bloodborne Mobile sighting is at least able to be debunked a bit quicker, but it does little to alleviate the many requests for something new related to Bloodborne during at time when every beloved game around it appears to be getting remade in some way.