This Bob's Burgers Recreation in Dreams is Glorious

If there's any show on television that has managed to capture the kind of heart and humor of the early seasons of The Simpsons, it's Bob's Burgers. One area the Belcher family comes up short in, however, is the video game department. Over the last 30 years, The Simpsons have starred in a plethora of games, including Bart vs. the Space Mutants, Simpsons Road Rage, and more. However, the Belchers now have their own video game adventure, albeit, in an unofficial capacity. One PS4 user has recreated the characters and locations from the series in Dreams. The result is an incredibly faithful take on Wonder Wharf!

What's really amazing about this recreation is the attention to detail. Several locations from the show can be seen outside of the restaurant. Naturally, Jimmy Pesto's can be found across the street, while It's Your Funeral can be found next door to Bob's. The video caught the attention of Simon Chong, one of the directors of Bob's Burgers. Chong seems to be a bit of a gamer himself, which might explain how it was discovered!

Of course, the video raises the question of how an official Bob's Burgers game might work. Licensed games aren't nearly as prolific as they were during The Simpsons' prime, but there are a number of avenues that would make sense. Perhaps an homage to Burger Time would work best, or even a brawler similar to Konami's classic Simpsons arcade game. Of course, a dating sim where players take on the role of Tina could be the perfect angle, as well! Given Disney's interest in seeing more unique video games based on their properties, it would seem that none of these ideas are too far-fetched!

Dreams was officially released on PlayStation 4 on February 14th. The game has been available in early access for some time, however, which might explain some of the more elaborate creations that are currently available on the platform! Since then, a number of impressive creations have appeared in the game, including a "PS1 demake" of Cyberpunk 2077.


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