Borderlands 3: How to Reset Skill Points

Borderlands fans are now getting more familiar with Borderlands 3’s Vault Hunters now that the [...]

Borderlands fans are now getting more familiar with Borderlands 3's Vault Hunters now that the game is finally available, and there's a good chance many people are already feeling like they've messed up their characters' progression. Whether it's because you invested in a skill you didn't like or accidently leveled an ability while racing through the menu tutorials, you aren't stuck with your decision. You're able to respec your character and reassign any points you've earned at any time assuming you're in the right location and have the money for it.

Resetting your skill points in Borderlands 3 is simple because it works just like it did in past Borderlands games, though it's admittedly been a while since we've seen one of those. To wipe your characters' builds clean and get all the points back to spend once again, make your way towards a Quick Change Machine. These are the vendor-like objects where you can change your Vault Hunter's outfit, head cosmetics, and clothing colors among other things. Found at the bottom of this list of customizable features is an option that says "Respec."

That's the one you're looking for, though you'll have to pay a fee to reassign your skills. The fee grows depending on your level and how many skill points you have to your character's name, though it's a small charge compared to how much money you find while exploring.

There's a strong chance you'll need to respec your character at least once during a Borderlands 3 playthrough since we're dealing with all-new Vault Hunters and abilities. The feature is even more important in this game considering how Vault Hunters use their Action Skills differently than before. Zane, for example, can use two Action Skills at once which gives players more than one skill to balance around, and Moze can also have two "skills" equipped to her mech that must be managed. Certain riskier abilities like one of Moze's that sacrifices a chunk of health for a better shield are also ones players could quickly realize they're not in love with once they choose them.

Borderlands 3 is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. We'll have our review for the game coming soon enough, but in the meantime, you can revisit some of our discussions with the game's creators about Ice-T appearances and how the game strikes a balance between humor and heartbreak.