Borderlands 3 Announces Valentine's Day Event, Raises Level Cap

While Valentine's Day is all about love, the truth is, not everyone has a special someone to spend the day with. Those looking to spend some quality gaming time instead that day are in luck, as 2K Games and Gearbox have announced a new seasonal event for Borderlands 3: Broken Hearts Day! During the event, players will encounter "lovesick" enemies surrounded by hearts. Breaking those hearts results in a number of different effects; some turn enemies into allies, some buff a team's damage output, and others simply make enemies explode into loot! The whole thing sounds a lot better than dealing with overcrowded restaurants, to be quite honest!

Players can choose to opt out of the event, but those who do participate can earn a number of in-game rewards, including exclusive skins and weapons. In addition to having immediate effects on the game, the number of hearts broken also determines which rewards players unlock:

10 Hearts – ECHOcardiogram ECHO Skin
25 Hearts – Cosmic Romance Weapon Trinket
50 Hearts – Terminal Polyaimorous Legendary Maliwan SMG
75 Hearts – Heartbreaker Vault Hunter Skin
100 Hearts – Wedding Invitation Legendary Jakobs Sniper Rifle

In addition to the event, Gearbox has announced the first level cap increase for Borderlands 3. Players will now be able to increase their Vault Hunter level from 50 to 53. This will give players three additional skill points to use for their Vault Hunter, allowing them to further customize their character. According to the developer, future level cap increases are planned, and will be released for free.


Gearbox plans to continue rolling out free expansions for the game, but players will be able to get a glimpse at the second paid campaign expansion at PAX East on Thursday February 27th. The panel will air at 2:30 p.m. EST and will outline a roadmap for the game's content moving forward. Fans can view the panel live on the Borderlands Twitch channel.

The Broken Hearts Day event runs from February 13th through the 20th. Are you planning on participating? Or do you plan on opting out? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!