Borderlands Movie: Cate Blanchett Reportedly in Talks to Play Major Character

The Eli Roth-directed Borderlands movie is reportedly eying Cate Blanchett to play the role of Lilith, a powerful character who’s been around since the beginning of the Borderlands franchise. News of the purported casting decision comes from Variety who cited unnamed sources with the information. Lionsgate, the company behind the production of the Borderlands movie, didn’t comment on the matter. Whether this casting decision will actually play out remains to be seen since the movie’s release is some time away, but either way, this supposed casting choice is the first of its kind that’s been talked about, verified or not.

Talks of the Borderlands movie first began earlier in the year before it was eventually confirmed that Roth, the director behind films such as the Hostel series, would be helming the movie as the director. No official casting announcements have been shared by the film’s team yet, but there’ve been plenty of casting theories from fans who tried to imagine which stars would fit the roles of the known Borderlands characters the best.

Should Blanchett be cast as Lilith, the decision would have her playing one of the key characters from the Borderlands series who’s been around for a long time now. Players were first introduced to Lilith in the debut Borderlands game that kicked off the series with its four playable Vault Hunters. Lilith is a Siren in the franchise which means she has access to supernatural powers including but not limited to telekinesis, bursts of fire, and the ability to essentially teleport form one point to another.

While other characters stayed around in some form or fashion throughout the rest of the Borderlands games, Lilith continued to play a main role all the way up to the most recent game, Borderlands 3. She’s the guide and mentor for new Vault Hunters in the game with the entirety of the story revolving around her actions and directions given to the player that send them across space to different planets in hunts of treasure and the Calypso Twins.


Casting decisions involving big-name stars may not be know at this time even if there are talks going on, but it has been said that Borderlands cosplayers will supposedly be able to be part of the film. During an event where the film was discussed, Roth expressed interest in having cosplayers play the roles of characters in the movie so that they could be killed off in ways fitting of the Borderlands style.

The Borderlands movie is in its early stages of production and does not yet have a release date.