Borderlands Movie Casts Haley Bennett in New Role

The upcoming Borderlands movie has added another star to its growing roster of characters with [...]

The upcoming Borderlands movie has added another star to its growing roster of characters with actress Haley Bennett now confirmed for a role in the film. Unlike the other actors and actresses which are now attached to specific characters from the Borderlands universe, however, it's unknown at this time what role Bennett will play beyond the first details that have been shared. The character will apparently play a role in the story of Lilith, a core pillar of the Borderlands stories told throughout the various games in the series.

IGN first reported on Bennett's involvement in the Borderlands movie, though there was little to be offered about Bennett's role she'll play. We know her character will be a totally new one in the Borderlands universe and that the character will be "key to the past of Cate Blanchett's character, Lilith." Beyond that, we'll have to wait to know more about the purpose of Bennett's character and how the newcomer will fit in with Lilith, Roland, and other established characters.

Some of Bennett's past works include her involvement in The Magnificent Seven, The Girl on the Train, The Devil All the Time, and Hardcore Henry.

While the game is based entirely around the Borderlands universe, it's not unheard of to see new characters introduced in movie adaptations of acclaimed series. The new Mortal Kombat movie, for example, has introduced a character named Cole Young who is meant to serve as an entry point for those who may be new to the Mortal Kombat games.

As for the rest of the characters who'll be in the Borderlands movie, we know of several from the Borderlands universe who will appear in the film as well as the talents who'll be attached to the roles. Kevin Hart was confirmed for the role of Roland in the movie, a leader of the Vault Hunters from the original Borderlands game who's known as a more stoic character than we're used to seeing Hart play. Prior to Hart's confirmed casting, Blanchett was the first star confirmed for the movie with the actress playing Lilith, the character who'll apparently be connected to Bennett's character somehow. Jamie Lee Curtis will also be in the movie to play the role of Tannis. Jack Black was recently cast as Claptrap, a role which suits the actor and was received well by fans, and Florian Munteanu was recently cast as the imposing Krieg.

The Borderlands movie is currently in production and does not yet have a set release date.