Borderlands Movie Taps Deadpool Director for Reshoots, Eli Roth Still Attached

UPDATE: Deadline has corroborated the reports of Tim Miller replacing Eli Roth for the Borderlands reshoots. However, the Deadpool director isn't reshooting the entire movie and isn't taking over the entire production. Deadline noted that this is still very much Eli Roth's film, but his obligations to another movie, Thanksgiving, prevent him from doing them himself. Miller will oversee two weeks of reshoots. You can view the original story below.

The upcoming Borderlands movie is reportedly undergoing reshoots with the director of Deadpool. We are seemingly in an era where every major video game is being adapted and many of them are finally coming to fruition after years of development hell. Halo, Uncharted, and The Last of Us all spent the majority of the 2010s in various stages of development before they finally got off the ground. Borderlands was in a similar position as the movie was announced in 2015, but went quiet for years until Eli Roth came on to direct in 2020 with a script from The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin. 

The Borderlands movie finished filming in the summer of 2021 and many expected the movie to have released by now, but Lionsgate has yet to put a release date on it. However, reports from DanielRPK and OneTakeNews claim the film is going back for reshoots with Deadpool director Tim Miller replacing Eli Roth. There are conflicting reports about why Miller was chosen to come in and handle these reshoots with DanielRPK suggesting (via WorldofReel) that it was because Roth was fired from the production. However, OneTakeNews claims that's not the case and Eli Roth was simply unavailable for reshoots, but worked with Miller to discuss a plan on how to improve the Borderlands movie. This all reportedly comes after poorly received test screenings in November 2022. With all of that said, we're not exactly sure what the story behind Eli Roth being replaced for the Borderlands movie is, but it does seem like reshoots are happening.

Of course, we've seen situations of other directors coming in and performing reshoots on a completed movie before. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Justice League are both examples of this, though they had vastly different results. As of right now, we don't know how this movie will turn out because we have seen zero footage from it. A tiny snippet from Borderlands was shown at CinemaCon last summer, but it's anyone's guess how the final product will turn out.

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