Rumor Debunked: 'Bully 2' Was Not Recently Confirmed By A Rockstar Games Developer

(Photo: Rockstar Games)

Last month, a rumor was making the rounds that Bully 2 was confirmed by a Rockstar Games developer. And at the time, there seemed like there could be something to the rumor, but we have since learned otherwise.

In case you missed it, said rumor manifested when someone commented on a video from YouTuber SWEGTA -- titled BULLY 2: Leaked Concept Art & Soundtrack Samples -- saying, "Bully 2 is indeed in development." Now, if that didn't even make you blink, I don't blame you. Absence of context, that means absolutely nothing. But of course, there was more to it than just some random YouTube comment.

The comment -- which was also made on videos from other channels that predominately make content around Rockstar Games' 2006 action-adventure title -- was tantalizingly dropped by an account named Alex Martens, which just happens to be the name of a Technical Designer at Rockstar Games.

Of course, many took this as nothing more than a random trolling from a random troll who finds fulfillment in wasting people's time. However, there was some evidence and circumstances involved that seemed to suggest that this wasn't the case. But, unfortunately, it was.

I decided to reach out to Alex Martens, who confirmed to me that this wasn't him or his YouTube acount. Now, of course, the devil's advocate would say he could be lying. And this true, after all, Martens is unlikely to admit to breaking NDA and doing something that would jeopardize his job at Rockstar Games. You can take this stance, but I don't think it's the correct one.

For one, Martens could have simply declined to respond to my request for a comment. That would have been the best and easiest route for the designer. Or, he could have walked out the "no comment on rumors" response that is extremely common in this industry, which is what Sarah Lynch did, the casting director of an unannounced project that sounds very much like Bully 2.

That all said, just because this particular Bully 2 rumor didn't pan out, doesn't mean the game is not in development. After all, there's been much more compelling evidence than this in the past that suggests Bully 2 is indeed Rockstar Games' next release.



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