Bully Voice Actor Comments on Returning for a Sequel

Everyone wants Bully 2 but Rockstar Games, including Peter Vack, who played Gary Smith, the villain of the 2006 game. During a recent interview, Vack revealed he would love to reprise the role in a hypothetical sequel. Unfortunately, Vack doesn't reveal one way or another if Rockstar Games has ever contacted him for a sequel, but if they did, he confirms he wouldn't be able to say no.

"I mean, yeah, it would be amazing," said Vack when asked about playing an older version of the game in a sequel. "I mean, that would be so cool. I don't even know how I would approach it. But I would certainly not say no to that."

Elsewhere in the interview with Gaming Bible, Vack talked about how much he enjoyed playing the character, which, to this day, is the only video game character he's ever played.

"It turned out it was this great role antagonist, Gary Smith," said Vack. "And truly, Gary Smith is by far the character and most well known for it without a doubt. I mean, Gary still has like a whole legion of fans and followers online. And he really is a cool character, you know The fun, I think, for a performer doing these video games is how large the characters are. They're comic book level big, and part of the joy as a performer is getting to inhabit larger than life scenarios and emotions. It's so rare in life that we get to like, explore the extremes. But when you're playing the villain in a video game, you are an extreme embodiment. And there's almost like nothing more fun or more cathartic than getting to do that."


Vack isn't the only member of the game's cast interested in returning for a sequel. Gerry Rosenthal, who plays protagonist Jimmy Hopkins would love to reprise the role as well. That said, and as alluded to, Rockstar Games has shown little interest itself, though it does look like a sequel was in the works at some point before getting canned.

While Rockstar Games may never return to Bully, one game we do know it's working on is Grand Theft Auto VI, and it may also be working on a few remasters of older GTA games as well.