Bungie Issues Statement on Coronavirus, Recommends a 5-Phase Plan

Bungie has issued a response to coronavirus pandemic to offer some insight into how it’s [...]

Bungie has issued a response to coronavirus pandemic to offer some insight into how it's approaching the situation while also offering guidance for how others can navigate uncertain times. The company said that "as leaders in the industry," it's important for them to promote healthy practices like social distancing and other plans of action that mirror those which have been suggested by official organizations and common sense actions. Bungie also proposed in its statement a five-phase plan for others to adopt should other companies be looking for guidance or guidelines on changing their workflow as many have been forced to do.

Though the company is suggesting options and practices for others, it admitted that it's not an expert in the field. It was hit sooner than others though seeing how Bungie is located in the Seattle area, so it's offering help for those who are just now adjusting.

"It is critical for all of us, as leaders in the industry, to promote social distancing among our employees," Bungie said. "It is a complex message: we need to reduce the rapid spread of the virus to prevent a "big spike" in serious cases that can overwhelm a regional health care system. This is a civic responsibility."

For organizations still developing their coronavirus plans, Bungie suggested the usual things that can be done immediately like washing hands often, not sneezing or coughing out into the open if possible, and staying home if you don't feel well. It also suggested a five-phase plan for combating the problems the coronavirus outbreak may present companies with if they don't already have one in place. Due to state regulations, Bungie said it's currently in Phase 3 of its plan which means working from home if possible. The next two phases after that involve closing down a studio entirely and decontaminating the area while working out a plan for the eventual return of employees coming back from work.

Beyond that plan, Bungie has numerous other guidelines for assisting in managing workflow and watching out for employees and companies during the undetermined amount of time when people will be away from their workplaces. Bungie advised people to plan for the long haul since it's unclear how long these plans might have to be in place.

"As of this writing, there is no current timeline of when the COVID-19 outbreak will subside and Bungie employees will return to the studio to resume our regular in-office rituals," Bungie said. "The fact is, that day might be a weeks or months away, so it's best to prepare for that possibility now."