New Bungie Game Reveals First Major Details

Even though Bungie is most well-known (currently) for its work on Destiny 2, the studio does [...]

Even though Bungie is most well-known (currently) for its work on Destiny 2, the studio does happen to be toiling away on another project in secret right now. And while it might be literally years until the company is ready to reveal just what that new game might be, it looks like some of the first details on the upcoming title have finally start come forward in a rather roundabout way.

Bungie's careers page recently put up a job listing for an Incubation Multiplayer Systems Designer at the company. While this might not seem of much note at first glance, the description for the role is where things get interesting. The studio says it's looking for a candidate that has a background in PvP multiplayer games, to be specific. The post then goes on to stress that added familiarity with esports is also a required skill to have for the person that ends up getting hired. In addition, experience with working on a live game across "multiple platforms" is said to be needed as well.

While there's not a ton more to glean from this job post, we can very much infer that whatever Bungie might be working on next is going to have a major multiplayer element. Although Destiny 2 does feature PvP multiplayer, the game has never been one that really been known for this aspect. Furthermore, it has never been a title that people would really think of as an esport in the slightest.

To see Bungie returning to work on a new game that has a vital multiplayer component is quite exciting considering the studio's history in the space. Even though it no longer works on the Halo franchise, Bungie revolutionized the multiplayer first-person shooter genre with its work on the series well over a decade ago. If it could somehow capture that same magic once again with a new property, you would have to imagine that many fans would very much be on board. Still, it'll likely be quite some time until we end up seeing what this new IP is just yet, so let's not get too carried away.

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