Call of Duty 2019 Reveal Date Reportedly Leaked

During its recent financial call, Activision confirmed that this year's Call of Duty will be [...]

(Photo: Activision)

During its recent financial call, Activision confirmed that this year's Call of Duty will be announced and revealed before the end of June. Since then, some leaks have surfaced that possibly suggest more precise reveal dates. More specifically, a new leak out of GameStop seems to suggest that the next installment in the best-selling shooter series will be revealed on either May 28 or June 4, or possibly sometime between these two dates.

The leaks comes way of a new image captured by a GameStop employee using the company's internal system. In the system, there's mention of employee "COD Reveal" t-shirts arriving on June 4, which seems to suggest that's when Activision will reveal the game. Or at least within a couple days of June 4. Interestingly though, the same database contains other mentions of "COD Reveal" shirts with the date May 28 attached. In other words, there seems to be some conflicting information here. If the shirts aren't expected to arrive in some places until June 4, that would suggest a reveal isn't happening before then. But if that is the case, then why would some places get the shirts so early?

Alas, this is what you get when dealing with leaks: unclear intel. That said, what the GameStop database leak does suggest is that the reveal will happen sometime around the end of May or early June.

Of course, like any leak, this should be taken with a grain of salt. There seems to be something to this, but the conflicting dates muddy the waters a bit.

Call of Duty 2019 -- which is in development at Infinity Ward and is expected to be Modern Warfare 4 -- is slated to release sometime this fall via the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment, we don't know anything official about the game other than that Activision is pitching it as "one of the best Call of Duty's ever built." Meanwhile, unofficially, we've heard the game will not have a battle royale mode or specialists, and will rather bring back the single-player campaign.

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