Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Update Permanently Increases Weapon XP Gains

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War had already had more than one Double XP event where players gain more account and weapon experience than usual, and each time that sort event happens, some players ask for the changes made to be kept around permanently. It’s unlikely we’re ever going to see the gains doubled for good, but Treyarch Studios did change at least one of those experience types in the most recent update. As of Monday, Black Ops Cold War players will now earn more Weapon XP than usual in both the Multiplayer and Zombies game modes.

The permanent increase to the Weapon XP gains was one of the main highlights of the November 30th update which was otherwise a small one dealing mostly with bugs and exploits. The global increase to earned Weapon XP in the Multiplayer and Zombies modes should now be live across all platforms after downloading the latest update.

“Coming out of last week’s 2XP + 2WXP event, we’ve made some additional tuning changes to global Weapon XP earn rates across the board,” Treyarch said. “Starting today, you’ll now level up your weapons and unlock more attachments faster than the previous standard rate in both MP and Zombies.”

Experience gains for players’ levels that’ll push players closer towards this game’s version of a Prestige system were not changed in this update, so don’t expect to see those numbers going up any more than usual. The Weapon XP sense is “permanent” in the sense that it’s not one of the changes that’ll go away in a set amount of time, though Treyarch could always adjust the values further depending on how things look after players get some time with the update. It seems unlikely the values would be reverted or lowered though, so it’s safe to assume players can expect the new Weapon XP gains to stick around.

This of course also means good news for any future Double XP and Double Weapon XP events since it means the latter bonus will be even better than before. Those extra XP events have happened often enough for a game that launched so recently, so it shouldn’t be long before players get another one.