Call of Duty Insider Shoots Down COD 2022 Next-Gen Exclusive Rumors

The next annual release of Call of Duty was confirmed this week with Infinity Ward apparently helming its development, but with that announcement came a question: Will this Call of Duty game only be released on the newer consoles and not the older ones? Considering that it wouldn't be releasing until later this year and we're moving further along in the current generation of consoles each day, it wasn't an unreasonable question to ask. Infinity Ward's own phrasing of their tease that referenced "a new generation" fueled these speculations, too.

Release platforms for Call of Duty 2022 haven't yet been confirmed and likely won't be talked about for a while, but according to at least one Call of Duty insider, the game will supposedly be releasing on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms alongside the current-gen systems. Freelance writer and Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson indicated as much on Thursday following the tease from Infinity Ward. Henderson said "the next title is coming to both current and last generation consoles" and suggested that Infinity Ward's words referred to something else.

It's unclear of course what those "other… plans" are, but the DMZ referenced in Henderson's tweet is at least something that's been talked about before. That's a reference to a Call of Duty mode of the same name that's supposedly going to be included in the Call of Duty 2022 release. It's said to take inspiration from Escape from Tarkov and may be more of an open-world experience compared to more traditional Call of Duty modes, but that, like many other things about the next Call of Duty game, is all built on speculation and rumors for now.

Call of Duty 2023, by comparison, has been rumored to only get a current-gen release which would mean leaving the older consoles behind, but there's little point in worrying about that now considering how Call of Duty 2022 hasn't even been released nor officially unveiled. All of this of course comes after Microsoft purchased Activision Blizzard, the publisher responsible for all the Call of Duty games, a monumental acquisition that's apparently going to be reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission soon.


Call of Duty 2022 has not yet been revealed, but Infinity Ward has indeed been confirmed as its developer.