Call of Duty, Dead Space Veteran Joins PUBG Corp., New Project in the Works

Glen Schofield, the co-founder of Slegehammer Games and Visceral Games who’s credited with the [...]

Glen Schofield, the co-founder of Slegehammer Games and Visceral Games who's credited with the creation of Dead Space and Call of Duty: WWII, has joined PUBG Corp. He'll be heading up a new studio that's called "Striking Distance," a studio which he says will be crafting AAA games. There's already a plan for the first project, though only limited details are known about it at this time, according to information provided by Schofield.

PUBG Corp. announced the creation of the new studio and the addition of Schofield to the team on Wednesday in a press release and with the video above. Schofield spoke about his plans for the studio with the CEO saying that the team will be working on an "original narrative experience" that's set in the PUBG universe.

"Throughout my career, I've had a lot of opportunities to make some remarkable games that tell incredible stories, and each of them has meant something special to me," Schofield said in a press release. "But now, those learnings will help me build a AAA team that can explore new designs and concepts at Striking Distance."

In a tweet shared after the announcement, Schofield implied that there's not much he can say about the new project at this time, but he did clarify that it won't be a sequel to PUBG. Schofield's comments and the announcement don't specify if this project will be a totally new game or if it'll be an extension of the PUBG game as we know it.

"That vision is taken to the next level as our development and service portfolio expands and diversifies with Glen Schofield and Striking Distance," PUBG Corp.'s CEO C.H. Kim said about Schofield joining the team. "We are thrilled to welcome Glen to the company. His unique blend of proven leadership and boundless creativity will help us create great synergy."

This studio's creation and Schofield joining the team are the latest developments in PUBG Corp.'s expansion of its battle royale game. Brendan Greene, PlayerUnknown himself who's responsible for creating PUBG, said in March that he was stepping down as the game's lead developer and would instead be heading up the new PUBG Special Projects team.