Call of Duty 2019's Campaign Being "Helped A Lot" By Ex-Naughty Dog Developers

Earlier this year, Activision confirmed that this year's Call of Duty -- which rumors, reports, [...]

(Photo: Activision)

Earlier this year, Activision confirmed that this year's Call of Duty -- which rumors, reports, leaks, and teases point to being Modern Warfare 4 -- will have a single-player campaign when it hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year. And it looks like for the campaign that former Naughty Dog developers are once again helping to ensure the story is top-notch. During a recent livestream, an Infinity War developer revealed that once again the ex-Naughty Dog developers are "helping a lot with story stuff." As you may know, Naughty Dog developers were brought on for the story of Infinity Ward's last game, Infinite Warfare, which turned out having one of the best Call of Duty stories ever. In other words, it looks like this year's Call of Duty is also going big on story.

Of course, just because former Naughty Dog developers are on the project, doesn't mean the game's campaign is guaranteed to tell a good story, but when you're recruiting storytellers, you can't do much better than Naughty Dog alum.

As of right now, Activision hasn't formally announced this year's Call of Duty, but that's expected to change sometime this month or next. And, as you may know, it's been hyping up this year's installment quite a bit. Of course, it does this every year, but there seems to be a bit more hype internally and externally than normal. And that makes sense if it's a new Modern Warfare. While Black Ops has usurped the title of biggest and most beloved branch of Call of Duty, traditionally, Modern Warfare is the most popular. Not only is the first Modern Warfare widely considered the best in the series and one of the most important shooters of all-time, but Modern Warfare 3 is the best-selling Call of Duty to date.

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