Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Bug Reveals Entire Battle Royale Map

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's battle royale map has seemingly leaked, revealing to PS4, Xbox One, and PC players their first look at the unconfirmed mode. As you may know, while Activision and Infinity Ward haven't said a peep about a battle royale mode coming to the best-selling first-person shooter, there's been plenty of leaks, rumors, and reports pointing to these unannounced plans. In other words, while we haven't gotten official confirmation that a battle royale mode is coming to the game, right now it looks like that's exactly what Infinity Ward has in the pipeline and what it will probably reveal very soon.

That all said, a glimpse at the map actually comes way of a new bug, which seems to be plaguing both the console and PC versions of the game. The bug isn't widespread, but it's common enough that multiple people have reported that it's allowing them to see the full battle royale map. And as you can see via the video below, the map is pretty massive, featuring mountains and plenty of geographical features. However, unlike many battle royale games, there seems to be a lot of urban environments, which well, could lead to a camper-heavy experience.

Video of Full Battle ROYALE Map from r/modernwarfare

Interestingly, this lines up with the previously leaked image of the map from earlier this year. In other words, it's seemingly legit, but given that it's not official means it should still be taken with a grain of salt. Further, at the moment of publishing, neither Infinity Ward or Activision have commented on this latest leak, however, the pair rarely ever do. If there is a comment from either party, it's usually via a single developer at the former. That said, we will be sure to update the post if a comment is provided.

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