Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Becomes Most-Played of Current Console Generation

Activision announced another milestone for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Wednesday by saying that the game’s multiplayer mode was played more than any other Call of Duty’s multiplayer from this console generation. That means that for more than five years across different Call of Duty games like Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 4, more people have been active in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode than ever before. Activision measured this milestone by saying players have put in more average hours each and the game has achieved more average daily players within the first 50 days of its launch.

The press release about the latest Call of Duty achievement listed some of the stats used to determine that Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode was more popular around launch than those games before it. Modern Warfare has sold more than $1 billion in sell-through since its release with players putting in some serious hours in the game’s multiplayer mode. More than 500 million multiplayer hours have been logged in total across nearly 300 million multiplayer matches, according to the announcement.

Part of Modern Warfare’s success was no doubt due in part to the fact that the game has cross-play across different platforms which means that finding matches and playing with friends regardless of their preferred system is now easier than ever. The appeal of having free content being added to the game throughout its lifespan instead of having to pay for DLC is also an attractive option, one that Infinity Ward co-studio head and creative director Patrick Kelly referenced in a statement about the game’s success that mentioned the new Shipment map and other content.

“We’re bringing our players together to play across all platforms and that continues today with a new wave of content coming to everyone for free,” said Kelly. “Starting today Vacant and Shipment are in full multiplayer rotation. Players can also jump into new Gunfight maps, play a new Special Ops mission and play fun new modes, starting with Cranked.”


The game does have a battle pass that can be purchased, but there’s also a free version of it available as well.

This announcement comes just over 50 days after Modern Warfare released, but it also comes at time when players have been requesting multiple multiplayer changes. Poor spawns and problems with the game’s matchmaking system have led to player-driven requests for changes, though it’s unknown how many of those requests will be fulfilled in future updates.