Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's Latest Patch Notes Now Available

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's newest update is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing a [...]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's newest update is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing a slew of changes and new additions to the game. Unfortunately, the game's latest leaked Call of Duty 4 maps are not included in the update, however, a new Gunfight map, Bazaar, is included. On top of this, Shoot House has been added to an existing playlist with Shipment and Rust 24/7, 3v3 Snipers on Rust has been added, and "Boots on the Ground War," which features no tanks.

The file size of the update varies depending on what platform you're on. On PS4, it's only 7GB. Meanwhile, on PC it comes in at 10GB, and on Xbox One it's actually 11GB. While this may seem like large file sizes for an update -- they are -- by Call of Duty standards, these are actually quite small.

Lastly, there's also now a selection of store bundles available in the game, which include the debut of Mace Operator. Below, you can view the full patch notes:

General Fixes:

  • Fix for a bug where friends who are online in Social Tab were not always appearing at the top of the list
  • Various map exploit fixes
  • Fix for some players seeing an incorrect Career Level
  • More fixes to Regiment tags
  • Fix for some players encountering an issue where their mouse stopped working after the last title update
  • Fixed a bug in 3v3 Gunfight that allowed players to shoot through the center structure on King while using the AX-50
  • Fixed an error that could occur when Hardline was earned in Specialist
  • Quality of life backend fixes to help the Regiments and Social menus run smoother
  • Fix for a spawn exploit on Vacant
  • Fix for White Phosphorous killing all players instantly when in Realism mode


  • Fix for the score at the end of "Fire in the Hole" not tallying up properly


  • Fixed a bug for the "Kills with Enemy Weapon" Karma challenge not tracking properly
  • Fixed Daily Challenges that require you to get an X number of kills with an enemy weapon
  • Fix for an objective when completing Golem's Operator Mission that requested 5 Kills with lethal equipment but was tracking with killstreaks.
  • "Alliance" Objective 6: Complete any 4 Co-Op Operations has been fixed
  • "Alliance" Objective 2: Requires 50 Juggernaut kills with Otter as your Coalition
  • Operator. This has been fixed


  • Fixed a bug where weapons stopped showing level progress 1 level before their max rank, giving the appearance that they are no longer gaining XP
  • Striker 45: Fixing range and ADS speed to match the description of the 300mm Poly Barrel
  • Model 680: Slight range increase
  • Model 680 XRK 30.0 Sport: range increase
  • Slight Range decrease and ADS increase to the following:
  • Model 680 – XRK 18.0" Liberator
  • R9-0 Force TAC Sentry
  • Origin 12 Forge TAC Precision
  • Under Barrel Shotguns: increased pellet count, reduced rate of fire, increased shell count to 8, tuned autoswap after ammo is complete, range increase
  • Crossbow: Increased reload speed
  • Fixed a bug where the Akimbo Snakeshot .357s did not register damage for both guns when fired on the same frame
  • Reduced recoil to the SA87 12.4 Factory Barrel
  • Increased close and mid-range damage for the AK 5.45x39mm round mags
  • Classic Special Operations:
  • Fix for a graphical bug that could occur on mission "Disinform" while on Xbox

Special Operations: Survival:

  • Piccadilly: Fix for a bug where helicopters could clip through buildings
  • Adjusted Cluster Strike damage towards enemy helicopters
  • Fix for a bug where destroying the enemy helicopter/pilot was not awarding money as intended

Special Operations:

  • Operation Crosswind: Fix for a bug that could prevent players from using the Cruise
  • Missile while having the Thermite Launcher equipped
  • Operation Crosswind: Fixed an issue where the Juggernauts outside the airport might not pursue players after breaking stealth
  • Operation Crosswind: Fixed a bug where a player would have infinite ammo and standard weapons if jumping out of the plane with the Juggernaut suit


  • Several fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability

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