Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 Launch Trailer Released

Tomorrow, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's highly anticipated Season 1 update will finally arrive across all platforms. Billed by Activision as "the biggest free content drop in Call of Duty history," Season 1 will offer players a number of new options to keep playing. On the eve of Season 1's debut, Activision has released a new trailer, teasing some of the new additions to the game.

The new trailer should definitely get fans excited. The release of Season 1 will be accompanied by three new multiplayer maps (Crash, Vacant and Shipment) as well as one new Ground War map (Port). Players will have two new weapons to engage enemies with, as well: the Ram-7 and the Holger-26, the former of which was highlighted in the new trailer. There will also be three new multiplayer modes (Reinforce, Gunfight OSP and Infected) and a number of Special Ops Experiences.

Of course, all that content does come with a slight trade-off, and that's in the form of the game's slightly controversial "rank refresh." When the new season kicks off, all Modern Warfare players that have reached Officer Status (over Rank 56) will have their Ranks turned back to Rank 55. All weapons and blueprints, including the Hush for reaching Rank 56 and the O.G. for reaching Rank 155, will be retained. Those that never finished their progression through the Enlisted Ranks (Ranks 1-55) will find that the experience remains the same in Season 1, but those who made it to the Officer Rank will find 100 new ribbons to acquire through new challenges as they make their way back to Rank 155.

Over the last few days, Activision has been running a Double XP event to encourage players trying to reach Rank 155 before the cut-off. Some will likely find the effort redundant given the refresh but, since Ranks and ribbons will be locked and memorialized, it does make for some decent bragging rights for those Modern Warfare players that have managed to achieve that particular goal.

Were you able to reach Level 155 in time for the start of Season 1? Do you plan on climbing your way back through the ranks? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!