Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Adding Shipment and More Content Soon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s first season of content continues this week when the Shipment and Vacant maps are released along with more maps and modes. Activision and Infinity Ward previewed the release of the new content on Tuesday with the trailer above that showed what some of these newly renovated maps will look like along with the game modes that’ll be added in the first content drop. This is the first Season One refresh to happen since the season began, so if you don’t see what you’ve been waiting on here, expect it to be added at a later date.

The two multiplayer maps that are making their returns from past Call of Duty games are the highlights of the content drop, but they’re not the only maps that are being added. Joining them is the 2v2 Gunfight map called Over Winter which will continue the developer’s support of its new game mode. Shipment will also be a Gunfight map and should prove to be a much different experience there compared to the traditional hectic multiplayer setting.

There’s also a game mode coming in the content drop called “Cranked” along with Drop Zone. The former was mentioned in the description for the video that teased the upcoming content and reconfirmed its release date while “Drop Zone” can be heard at least once in the trailer. Both game modes are ones that existed in past Call of Duty games, though this update on Wednesday will mark their first release in Modern Warfare.

“Jump in tomorrow and revisit classic maps like Vacant and Shipment,” the video’s description said about the new content drop. “Grind the new multiplayer game mode Cranked, and experience all-new Special Ops missions. Available December 18 on all platforms.”


Activision and Infinity Ward first revealed the plans for Modern Warfare’s first season of content last month when an infographic was released to show what would be happening. Some of that content has already been released while other parts are coming tomorrow, and some of what’s been planned for Wednesday’s update was never even on the roadmap.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s first refresh of Season One content releases on Wednesday.