Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Getting a Big Update This Week

Infinity Ward is set to release another Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update this week that's already known to include some big features and bugfixes that players have been requesting. Some of those include the addition of more custom class slots which players have been asking for amid concerns that the game didn't have enough slots to accommodate how many weapon and class combinations there are. If you're tired of encountering instances of player collision, this update is also one to look forward to.

The Modern Warfare developer tweeted to its followers on Tuesday to confirm that an update was coming on Wednesday which is when the playlists would be updated. For those looking for the patch notes, Infinity Ward said the details of the patch were on the way and to keep an eye out for them.

Ashton Williams, the senior communications manager at Infinity Ward, tweeted about this same update to offer some details about what we'll see in the patch notes. Some of the highlights included the increased number of custom class slots as well as a player collision fix and the new crossbow.

Infinity Ward has been entertaining the idea of adding more custom classes for a while now. Players have been requesting that more slots be added, and the developers have seemed to agree that the feature needed to be expanded. One would imagine that these custom classes will be given to all players for free given Modern Warfare's past content release strategy, though we won't know for sure until the patch notes are out.

This player collision fix is also one that players have been requesting for some time now and has made an appearance on Infinity Ward's Trello board for known issues. Player collision is one of several cards the developer created to keep players updated on what's happening with bugs. Several cards detail issues that have been "fixed in a future update," so the patch notes should reveal just how many of those will be fixed tomorrow.


Lastly is the crossbow weapon that'll be earned through a challenge. Activision and Infinity Ward teased the crossbow when it announced that it'd be extending Season One, so expect to see lots of flashy crossbow kills after tomorrow's update.