Call of Duty: Warzone Update Nerfs Powerful Season 6 Killstreak

Season 6 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone had barely been out for a day before one of the new features implemented in the current season got nerfed because it was too powerful. That feature was the Warzone killstreak known as “Foresight,” an item that granted players the power to see into the future to identify where the circles would move throughout the course of a game. It’ll still give players that valuable information if they can find it, but thanks to an update released this week, players won’t have as easy a time finding the killstreak anymore.

Infinity Ward released the latest update for Warzone Tuesday night with one of the key changes being the lowered drop rate for the Foresight killstreak. This means that while its power is intact and will be for the foreseeable future unless Infinity Ward decides another nerf is necessary, it’ll be harder to find from now on.

For those who never got the chance to find the killstreak in the first place, the tweet below from the Twitter account ModernWarzone that focuses on Call of Duty leaks and news shows what it looked like and what it would do. After picking it up, players could check their maps to see where every single circle for the remainder of a game would be.

Other games like Apex Legends give players the ability to detect where the next ring will be if they meet certain conditions, but revealing every single circle in a game is an unprecedented amount of power to anyone fortunate enough to find the Killstreak. You still have to do well enough to utilize that information appropriately or else it’ll go to waste, but in the right hands, it’s an exceptionally powerful killstreak. It still is after the nerf, but it’ll at least be found less often so that players aren’t circumventing one of the core aspects of battle royale every game.

Additional changes made in the update include playlists adjustments for Modern Warfare, a fix for a problem with the new subway system in Warzone, and an increased drop rate for the minigun weapon.