Call of Duty: WWII Releases Winter Siege Trailer, New Weapon Details

The Winter Siege event in Call of Duty: WWII now has a new trailer and plenty of information on how players can take part in Gun Game, new weapons, and much more.

A new map called Winter Carentan will be available for the duration of the event, but that’s just the start of a huge schedule that includes free loot, playlists, orders, and other features. Double XP and limited-time content will also be available during Winter Siege when the event starts on Dec. 8, but you’ll only have until Jan. 2 to take part in the game’s first community event.

Throughout the schedule that can be seen in full through Call of Duty: WWII’s Winter Siege site, double XP will be offered in different rotating game modes in the normal playlists as well as the Nazi Zombies mode. Mixed in with those game modes is Gun Game, but it appears as though the game mode won’t be sticking around forever. A description of all of the features in the Winter Siege event that can be seen below details the Gun Game mode as being a limited-time event

Introducing: Captain Butcher

  • A British Special Operations Officer and the new Quartermaster for the duration of the Winter Siege. Visit him for limited-time weaponry and equipment.

Featured Map: Winter Carentan

  • Starting December 8th till January 2nd all players will be able to fight through a special snowy version of the war-torn French town.

Featured Game Mode: Gun Game

  • The classic Call of Duty game mode makes its return just for the Winter Siege event. This limited time mode is available in a 2XP playlist from 12/15 to 12/21, and as part of the Winter Carentan moshpit playlist from 12/29 to 1/2.

Winter Gear

  • New winter gear available for Airborne, Armored, Mountain, and Infantry divisions.

New Weapons

  • Bring new limited-time winter weapons into the heat of battle. Complete collections to earn special variants of the GPMG LMG, the Sten SMG, and the Gewehr 43 Assault Rifle, as well as devastating melee weapons like the Trench Knife and Ice Pick. These limited-time winter variants are only attainable till January 2, 2018, so get in on the action while you can.

You can see the full details on the Winter Siege event here along with images of all the new weapon variants before the community event begins on Dec. 8.