Canceled Jurassic World Game Story Details and Concept Art Revealed

Before it was a film, Jurassic World was conceived as a video game and now, we're getting all kinds of juicy new details about what that would've looked like. The Jurassic Park franchise is one of the biggest IPs in entertainment, largely due to the success and love for the very first film from Steven Spielberg. The quality of the franchise has been a bit all over the place since then, but its commercial viability has hardly wavered as seen by the box office earnings of the Jurassic World film franchise. There have been attempts to leverage this success into games and many have failed or been unremarkable, though there have been a few successes such as the recent Jurassic World Evolution games.

Before those films, however, was a proper Jurassic World game. It wasn't an adaptation of the film as the game was actually canceled in favor of taking its very general concept and making a movie out of it. The project was envisioned by Spielberg and Xbox creator Seamus Blackley. In a new series from the Jurassic Time YouTube channel, Blackley stated the game would revolve around trying to befriend the dinosaurs rather than kill them. He noted the team wanted to explore what would happen if they didn't try to restrain and hurt the creatures, eventually trying to create a world where they can co-exist. After Universal shifted to a film, Blackley noted that concept art for the game was reused for marketing material for the film and that it also lifted elements of the story such as a blue raptor that had a relationship with a human who could command the creatures. 

The Jurassic World game would've also seen Billy Brennan as the protagonist and he would've been hired by a government group to kill dinosaurs, despite believing they aren't the bad guys. During a chase sequence, Billy would've been saved by a raptor who believed he was trying to protect her eggs, but he's then viewed as a traitor by this government group. He would then be able to directly communicate with the raptors, similar to the film, and creating an alliance. Ultimately, it sounds like it would've been really special and like an incredibly fun and unique game. 

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