Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront IV Concept Art Revealed, Including Dark Leia


Upon the cancellation regarding Free Radical's Star Wars: Battlefront III, the continuation of speculation surrounding what could have been was intense. Since its permanent rest, we've seen cancelled pre-Alpha footage and learned more about the internal struggle throughout the franchise's progress. Now, however, it appears we're getting a fresh new look at the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront IV and it has got us majorly jonesing for what we missed out on.

The recent batch of leaked material shows us quite a few interesting pieces to the Star Wars world that we wouldn't have minded seeing in-game. Just take a look at the "Dark Obi-Wan" below and tell me that's not something you'd love to see in action. Some of the concepts seen are new, while also giving us a look at the Light and Dark Side versions of Darth Math, Asajj Ventress, and Count Dooku. We also get to see a Dark Leia and ... it's sort of perfect.


According to the revealed concept art's post:

"Star Wars Battlefront IV was supposed to take the Star Wars storyline into a different direction, with a perfect "what-if" scenario where the tides were turned. This means the characters you see in 1-6 were flipped, such as Kenobi becoming a sith lord, or Anakin not losing his limbs on Mustafar. Some parts of the story went as far as Anakin killing Yoda in a duel at Naboo. Along with that, Battlefront IV featured larger battles than any other Battlefront before. This meant a large portion of the planet was playable on, and boosting its player count into tremendous amounts during matches. This was truly going to be the largest Star Wars game ever made."


There are tons more images to be seen, including different interpretations of some of our favourite characters, as well as in-game action sequences that never saw gaming reality. To check it all out for yourself, you can see the full post right here.

It's a shame to see all of this amazing art-work and what happened to Star Wars Battlefront III. The game would have come out during an era of Star Wars media that would have been the perfect way for fans to get their lore fix while still remaining in the universe. When looking at all of the different stylization, it's hard not to feel at least a little bit sad that this won't see the light of day in the form of a full-fledged video game.