Capcom Announces Live ‘Devil May Cry 5’ Concert, Coming This Spring

The hype for Devil May Cry 5 is building up, between the release of special demos, new gameplay [...]

The hype for Devil May Cry 5 is building up, between the release of special demos, new gameplay clips and other things that have us all sorts of excited to play it. But now there will be another way to celebrate its awesomeness- with a live concert!

Devil May Cry

Capcom has announced that it will be hosting The Devil Awakens: The Official Devil May Cry Concert, which will be a show that fans shouldn't miss. It is set to take place on Thursday, March 28, at 7 PM at the Brighton Music Hall in Allston, Massachusetts. More info about the event can be found here on the game's Facebook page; and you can purchase tickets here at TicketMaster starting on January 16.

The show actually coincides with Boston's annual PAX East 2019 event, which will be taking place from March 28-31. And the venue isn't too far from downtown Boston, so you can bet that a lot of fans will be attending both.

Here's the official description of the event, so you know what kind of show to expect:

"The Devil Awakens is the official Devil May Cry live concert tour, to celebrate the return of the most thrilling and exciting Capcom franchise with Devil May Cry 5.

Hear ferocious guitar shredding inspired by Dante fighting in Devil Trigger Mode, the bassist slapping the strings hard channeling Nero's powerful Devil Bringer arm, and screaming vocals to rock the house out - all performed by a talented rock band, in sync with high quality game footage projected on a giant screen and a light show. It's the most electrifying video game live concert you will ever see, featuring rock/metal arrangements of all your favorite tracks from the history of Devil May Cry."

Considering the Devil May Cry music has always been on the rockin' side, this sounds like a show that you shouldn't miss. Again, keep tabs on that TicketMaster page for your chance to get your hands on tickets!

Devil May Cry 5 is set to release on March 8 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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