Capcom Explains Why They Aren’t Making New Games For Nintendo Switch – And It’s Pretty Weak


Capcom is a company that knows how to support its franchises, and, over time, game systems. However, it’s only provided a minimal amount of support for the Nintendo Switch thus far, with only Ultra Street Fighter II standing out as its main highlight, although ports of Resident Evil Revelations are on the way, too. Other games, like Monster Hunter XX, have come out in Japan, but when it comes to U.S. support, we’re not really seeing much.

And we’re wondering why that is. After all, wouldn’t the Switch thrive with games like Disney Afternoon Collection, Mega Man Collection and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite? It sure would.

But now it appears that we have a reason, at last, that Capcom hasn’t released that many games for the Switch, let alone any new titles. According to a spokesperson for the company, it noted that it’s general procedure for third-party software developers to make re-releases for a new console within the first year of launch, mainly because there’s just not enough time to work on new titles within the timeframe.

And we’re going to call them out on that, because it sounds like a weak excuse, if anything else. First off, the team has a Monster Hunter game for the system that would actually sell reasonably well here, but they’ve decided against releasing it, and haven’t stated why. That’s a major third-party release for the company, yet we’re wondering why they wouldn’t go forward with a translation. After all, wouldn’t Monster Hunter XX be a great title to go along with Monster Hunter World in January?


Also, we’re not quite buying the “waiting a year” story with new consoles. Case in point – Dead Rising 3. The game came out during the launch of the Xbox One back in 2013, and made quite a killing for the company. We’ve also seen solid support for PlayStation 4 well within a year of its release, too, so it’s kind of flimsy.

All we know is that the Switch is making big bucks this holiday season with titles like Super Mario Odyssey and ports of Doom and Skyrim from Bethesda, and Capcom is missing out on a big market. Hopefully it’ll turn its game around in 2018, and really release some titles that fans will want.