Report: Capcom Could Be Revealing A New Resident Evil Project Soon

Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil series has been moving right along over the past year, between the arrival of the well-received Resident Evil 7: Biohazard earlier in 2017, followed by a number of impressive remakes, including the Resident Evil Revelations games for Nintendo Switch. But now, Capcom could have a whole new surprise planned for fans of the series, and it could be revealed in a matter of weeks.

A Twitter account by the name of Resident Evil Plus has just revealed an image that it captured over on the official Biohazard page (that's the Japanese name for the Resident Evil series), and it points out some familiar titles, including Resident Evil 7 and the Revelations games.

But, when you check out the tweet below, you'll notice that there's an entirely new slot on the left hand side, without any sort of game image. It just reads "Biohazard" at the bottom and has little information to go alongside that.

What could it mean? More than likely, it's a new project, but it could also be a long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 2. This thread over at Resetera pointed out that Resident Evil 2's 20th anniversary is coming up, as the game originally released on January 21st, 1998. Capcom could have that "surprise" announcement set to go, just in time to celebrate it.

But there's also the possibility that an entirely new game could be announced. The commenter made note that a Nintendo Direct was happening soon, and, considering how well the Revelations games went on Switch, Capcom could have an announcement forthcoming. Could a port of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard be in the works? It's too soon to tell.

Capcom hasn't said a word about the page, but if you check out the official Biohazard page, you should be able to check out the image for yourself – though there's not much to see.

All we can do at this point is wait. Capcom has noted in the past that it enjoys working on remasters, so a Resident Evil 2 port wouldn't be out of the question – and it'd be a hit seller for the company. We'll just have to see what the next few weeks brings.


We'll let you know once the company confirms anything Resident Evil related.