Capcom Announces New Showcase Event

Capcom has announced a brand new showcase event where it will share updates on new games. Capcom is one of the biggest gaming publishers, not just on the Japanese side, but in all of gaming. Capcom is responsible for some of the biggest franchises even outside of gaming with things like Resident Evil which have expanded into films and television. They're a huge company and hold the keys to some of the most cherished IP out there. They've also been incredibly consistent in recent years and reformed a rather unsavory reputation that they took on in the late 2000s and early 2010s thanks to amazing remakes, great sequels, and other awesome new games.

Capcom is ready to show off what it has in the pipeline and has announced a new showcase event for March 9th 5:30PM ET. The showcase will be 26 minutes long and give updates on a bunch of upcoming games. This will be just ahead of the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake and Capcom has confirmed it will give one last look at the game here. It also confirmed new looks for games like Exoprimal and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. There may be some other surprise games there, but it's unclear. Street Fighter 6 is one of the next big games from Capcom, so we'll likely see more of it there. As for any other games, it's a mystery. We still don't know much about Pragmata, so it may appear at the showcase, but it's really anyone's guess.

Either way, Capcom rarely disappoints. The studio has a lot of incredibly valuable IP and a lot of talent, so it's hard to imagine they don't have anything exciting. Usually a studio doesn't host a showcase unless it has a lot to talk about and Capcom is under no expectation to host these like PlayStation or Nintendo, so it seems like it bodes well for a healthy showcase.

What other games do you want to see at the Capcom showcase? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.