Casetify's Final Wave of Pokemon Phone Cases and Accessories Releases Soon

Pokemon Casetify
(Photo: Casetify)

Casetify has been rolling out a steady stream of Pokemon-themed phone cases and accessories, and later this month, the final wave of its products will be released. Wave three of the Day & Night series will release through Casetify’s website with designs from artist duo Craig & Karl who have done their part to put stylish versions of different Pokemon on phones and other devices. Each of the past two collections of phone cases sold out and there’s a waitlist for this next one, so you can expect it to go the same way of the others when the sale launches on August 15th.

Both the I Choose You! and the Pokedex collections were sold through Casetify’s Pokemon section of its site where you can now see where the third collection will be found ahead of its release. Though you can’t browse through the listings now, you can join a waitlist so that you’ll be one of the first to know when the collection’s third drop goes live in a few weeks. Casetify said in a press release that the last waitlist had 90,000 people on it.

In this next collection from Craig & Karl, you’ll find three different themes utilized in the phone cases and accessories. Pikachu will be featured on the products along with the original starter Pokemon which include Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, and the Poke Ball itself will of course be featured. Casetify shared a tweet alongside the announcement with a few images include to hint at some of what’s to come. The image above was shared by Casetify alongside the press release to show a wider range of products

Those who have been keeping up with their Pokemon products may have seen one of Casetify’s other Pokemon collections when it launched around the release of Detective Pikachu. Stickers, iconic Pokemon, and different types of Poke Balls adorned the cases and other accessories seen here when they were first released.

“We're longtime fans of Pokémon so it was fun for us to apply our signature style to such classic pop culture iconography," said Craig Redman, an artist who’s one half of the Craig & Karl duo. “The artwork we created maintains the sense of witty playfulness we associate with Pokémon, and the fact that you can customize elements of the different designs makes the connection to the Pokémon super personal.”


Casetify’s final Pokemon collection in its ongoing series will be available here on August 15th.

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