Kids React to Their New Consoles for Christmas

There's nothing like unwrapping a new video game console for Christmas. It's the best feeling in the world: feeling that heavy box, tearing off that first strip of wrapping paper, and seeing that beautiful, glossy box staring back at you. So many possibilities, and so many new games to play!

That's what this kid was feeling when he unwrapped his new Xbox One. You can see that, shortly after seeing his gift for the first time, he goes into a half-moon state of seizing ecstasy. We're not sure what possessed him, but we're pretty sure it's a happy spirit. He almost looked like he needed medical attention! That's gratitude, and we're happy for the little fella. This next video has a little story to it:

This young man wanted an Xbox One X. That's all he was asking for for Christmas and, being young and faithful to his brand, he hates PlayStation. His parents bought him an Xbox One X and packed it into a standard PS4 box -- they didn't even disguise it as a PS4 Pro! You can see at the beginning of the video as the youngster puts on a brave face and tries to act excited about his new PS4. Then actually opens it and sees it's an Xbox One X:


Of course, nothing beats the all-time classic. The one true reaction meltdown to top all reaction meltdowns. The one. The only. The N64 Kid. If you've never seen this video before, prepare to relive one of the best moments of your gaming life all over again: