Swipe Right to Date Dragons in Hilarious New Cindr Tabletop Game

Whether you're looking for a long-term relationship with that special dragon in your life or just [...]

Whether you're looking for a long-term relationship with that special dragon in your life or just want one monster of a one-night stand, Cindr aims to cover all your dragon-dating needs. Earlier today, Smirk and Dagger launched the Kickstarter for Cindr, one of the more innovative and hilarious tabletop games we've seen this year. Cindr is a "push your luck" game in which you try to score "love points" by finding a compatible dragon to date. Players win by scoring 21 love points, but they lose points if they roll 3 fire symbols, which presumably means that your dragon make-out session got a little too hot....literally.

At the beginning of Cindr, each player fills out a dating profile consisting of four key characteristics: their stance on treasure, their preferred climate, their lifestyle, and their social preferences. Players then go through the game's app deck, choosing whether to "swipe left" on their potential dragon mates, or to pick a dragon to date. Once a dragon date is chosen, they flip the dragon's card over and checks their compatibility. The closer a dragon's personality to your own, the better dice you stockpile for your dice pool. Players then draw a location for the dragon date (each of which has rules that can modify the dice) and then start rolling for a love connection.

Each date consists of three stages (the final stage is "The Next Level" for those wondering how dragon dates are supposed to end), and if a date is successful, players can keep the dragon in their Dating Circle for another date...or choose to mix things up and pick another dragon. However, if a player rolls the fire symbol three times, they're officially "burned" and they lose any love points they accumulated that round. Once a dragon is in a player's Dating Circle, other players will have to spend points to date that dragon, because dragons are apparently much more picky then humanoids when it comes to love. Having multiple dragons in your Dating Circle can also lead to other passive bonuses depending on the dragon, because some dragons just want to put your happiness above all else.

Cindr looks like an absolutely ridiculous game, and I mean that in the best way. Who wouldn't want to use a mobile app to casually date ancient creatures with massive treasure hoards and the ability to roast, freeze, or melt your flesh off your bones just by breathing on you? Let's face it, going over to a dragon's cave to "Netflix and chill" sounds a lot more interesting than whatever you're doing this Friday night.

You can check out Cindr's Kickstarter here. A $25 pledge will get you a copy of the game, while higher level pledges add extras like an expansion (Cindr Confidential) and a dice tray. The Kickstarter is currently 85% of the way to its $20,000 goal and will remain open until March 6th.