Students Reboot Contra for Project, and It's Amazing

(Photo: Contragon)

Sometimes, school projects become more than what they're meant to be. A new Contra-inspired one-level game, Contra 2028, is making the rounds on different gaming forums, and for good reason. Built by eight students over the course of eight weeks, the game takes all of your favorite things about Contra and combines them with modern-day game development tech like Unreal Engine 4. Check out the game play trailer below:

It's a short but fun romp that honors the Contra legacy with a perfectly modern sci-fi spin. Some of the abilities included in the game include hyper-jump, allowing players to "defy gravity" on the map. Reactors help players move swiftly across the floor (ala Vanquish-style rocket sliding) in a sleek slide, and aiming in midair becomes even more exciting with dilated aiming time. After a particularly decent killstreak, players may be given the opportunity to unlock a turret to assist them in their mission to kick some alien butt. The game features its own leaderboard ("to show off your alien ass kicking skills") the "most british voice acting ever," and controller support for anyone who doesn't favor the classic mouse and keyboard combo.

On the game's website, the team explains that the project challenged students "to design and produce a reboot from a NES games list choosen by the teacher" over the course of eight weeks. "The release is just on our part since we believe that what we created was good enough to be shared freely on the internet," the development team says. "All the team was hyped about rebooting Contra and we made it as an [homage] to the original title." Pretty impressive for eight weeks of work.

Contra 2028 is available now, for free, on PC. You can pick it up via the game's official page.

Source: ResetEra