Could Xbox Game Pass Be Coming To PC As Well?

Microsoft has already attained some huge buzz behind its Xbox Game Pass service, which was [...]


Microsoft has already attained some huge buzz behind its Xbox Game Pass service, which was currently in a testing phase with Xbox Live Gold members and has recently gone live for the rest of the gaming world to experience. But could it possibly be headed to another platform?

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently addressed the matter on Twitter, when a fan recently asked about the possibility of Game Pass coming to the PC front. "Congrats! Keep up all the good work! Hey Phil will some Play Anywhere titles also come so that it'd be a good value to get it on PC also?" the person asked.

Phil replied, "I really want to see us bring GP to PC, just need to get the right games in place."

He has a point. While the Xbox Game Pass offers a fundamental value over on the Xbox One (and, we're guessing, Project Scorpio when it comes out), it consists mostly of games that are catered to Xbox One. In order to get the Game Pass to work on Windows PC, it'd specifically have to have games for that format, and not just Play Anywhere titles. Not to mention having to apply a discount for games that are available on the service (as the Xbox Game Pass currently does) and getting a healthy mixture of games swapped out with it.

We're certain that Microsoft is looking into the matter, because a PC audience would be big for a program like this. After all, Sony's PlayStation Now streaming service gained some serious traction when the publisher confirmed that it would be available for PC as well. And it'll get even more when PlayStation 4 games start coming to the service, as it's currently in the early testing phase with Knack and several others. (Expect a more official announcement at E3 in a couple of weeks.)

We'll let you know once details are more official from Microsoft. In the meantime, be sure to check out Xbox Game Pass now for Xbox One. It's a fundamental deal for $10 a month, and you sure get a whole lot of games.