Crash Bandicoot Got His Own Extremely Limited Nintendo Switch Console

When Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy came out for the Switch last month, we thought that Nintendo would be providing a little more hoopla behind it. Like, I dunno, that dude in the Crash costume being able to visit the Nintendo headquarters for the first time since trumpeting his name against them back in the 90's.

But it turns out that Activision did have a very limited promotion going on with the game, one in which they made a handful of special edition Nintendo Switch systems featuring Crash's trademark colors and the tiki mask emblem on the back.

Before you go, "Oh, I need to get one of those for my collection!", hold off real quick. Keep in mind that this system wasn't really made for retail. Instead, the system had only three units made in all. Somehow, a lucky user was able to get his hands on one and did an unboxing video, which you can see above.

As you can see, the console is a thing of beauty. It comes with two special JoyCon controllers, with green coloring on the front and orange coloring on the back, along with that special system with Aku Aku on the back along with the game logo. The system also has an orange kickstand, making it stick out even more in a crowd. And you can clearly see the "1 of 3" marking on the back of the console. We're not sure where the other two systems went, but it seems like they were given out to special influencers. (And after we were so nice with our review of the game, too. Hey, guys, got any left?)

Crash Bandicoot

Looks like the kit also came with a t-shirt, a Crash Bandicoot stand to hold the system, and some other goods. Sweet.

The video can be seen above. And it leaves us wondering just what other limited edition goods Activision made for the game. A green and orange Xbox One console, perhaps? How about a special edition laptop gaming PC with Crash's face on it? Now we're just thinking outside of the box. But, hey, we'd kill to get our hands on these systems. Because that's just what Crash does to us. That goofy orange furball. Woobagah!

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is available now for Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


(Tip of the hat to Nintendo Life for the scoop!)