Critical Role: Where Is Marquet?

Critical Role's next campaign will take place on the desert continent of Marquet. Earlier this week, Critical Role officially announced they were launching their third full-length campaign on October 21st. Several details were confirmed about the upcoming campaign, including plans for Matthew Mercer to continue as the game master and that the show would take a monthly hiatus on the fourth Thursday of every month. Details about the actual campaign itself were mostly kept vague, but Mercer did confirm that the campaign would start on Marquet, a continent whose most prominent feature is the massive Marquesian Desert.

Fans who watched the first campaign of Critical Role will likely be familiar with some of Marquet's history, as Vox Machina visited the continent several times during the first campaign. Ank'Harel is notably located in the center of Marquet, surrounded by the Marquesian Desert, and the Dalen's Closet resort is also located on the continent's northern shores. At one point, the leader of the Chroma Concord hailed from Marquet, although he was driven out by the ancient brass dragon leader of Ank'Harel J'mon Sa Ord.

The continent also has some minor ties to Wildemount and the events of the second campaign. Damali was founded by a group of Marquesians and their descendants would go on to declare independence from Ank'Harel to become the Clovis Concord. Additionally, Marquesian worshippers of Zehir were responsible for the banishment of Uka'toa, which directly set up Fjord's major plotline during the second campaign. 

While we've seen some of Marquet's influences on the world of Exandria and even gotten a brief glimpse of the continent, there's still much we don't know about the region, its people, or its mysteries. We do know that the region has ties to the Calamity, as that great war transformed the once verdant region into a desert. We also know that it's home to a portal to the Shadowfell via a ziggurat built by worshippers of Vecna. These are just a few possible plot hooks, although it's more likely that Mercer is building something fresh and new for the campaign.


We'll have to wait to find out more about Marquet until Campaign 3 of Critical Role debuts on October 21st.