Critical Role Gets a Clue Game

A new version of Clue is coming soon and it features the characters of Critical Role's Mighty Nein campaign. Critical Role announced that The Op Games is making a new licensed version of Clue featuring the Mighty Nein. Details about the new version of Clue are kept under wraps so far, but the cover art features the "crack" detective duo of Jester and Nott the Brave looking into magnifying glasses while the rest of the Mighty Nein stands behind them. The game will also feature hero and villain cards, which suggests some deviation from the original Clue game.

The Op is perhaps best known for their long line of licensed Monopoly games, which started when the company was called USApoly. They've expanded their game line to include both licensed versions of other popular board games and also unique games featuring licensed characters. This will be The Op's second Dungeons & Dragons-themed version of Clue, following a Dungeons & Dragons Clue game loosely based on the Descent Into Avernus adventure. The non-licensed version of Clue is owned by Hasbro, which is also the parent company of Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast. 

This is also not the first time The Op has made a Critical Role version of a popular game. The Op previously published a Critical Role version of Munchkin and has also released a series of puzzles featuring Critical Role characters. 

Critical Role also has its own game studio, Darrington Press, which publishes a mix of Critical Role themed games and unique games. Several new Critical Role games are due to be published by Darrington Press later this year. 


Expect to hear more news about Critical Role: Clue in the near future. An official announcement will likely come in the next few weeks.