Critical Role Confirms [SPOILER] Is Really Dead

Critical Role confirmed that a long-dead character has no chance of resurrection, despite recent circumstances. [SPOILERS FOR CAMPAIGN 2 AND EPISODE 117 FOLLOWS.] In last night's episode of Critical Role, the Mighty Nein had their long-awaited reunion with Lucien, the tiefling leader of the sinister Tomb Takers. The Mighty Nein has a rather strange history with Lucien, as the character is technically a founding member of the adventuring party and a former player character. Played by Taliesin Jaffe, Lucien, who went by the name Mollymauk Tealeaf, was a core part of the team until he died during a battle relatively early on in the campaign. The party buried Mollymauk and visited his tomb at least once afterwards, so they were surprised to find that he had somehow mysteriously "returned" from the dead and was now pursuing a mysterious agenda.

We knew that Mollymauk/Lucien had a mysterious past tied to some sort of ritual gone wrong, but last night's episode shed some light as to what happened to Lucien, how he "became" Mollymauk, and why Mollymauk wouldn't be coming back anytime soon. According to Lucien, he participated in a ritual that caused his soul to be torn asunder. While his soul was reforming, one of his soul fragments, an "empty speck," took over his body, which became known as Mollymauk. When Mollymauk died in battle, the Tomb Taker Cree took the opportunity to guide Lucien's soul back into his body, bringing him back to his original form.

According to Lucien, Mollymauk is truly gone, although the Mighty Nein still has some lingering doubts. Since the Tomb Takers seem to be up to no good, we'll likely see the group confront Lucien and his new group in the not-so-distant future.


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