Critical Role Has Plans for More Miniatures

Critical Role and Steamforged Games have plans for more miniatures based on characters from the popular Dungeons & Dragons webshow.

Earlier this month, Critical Role and Steamforged launched a ten day Kickstarter to produce miniatures based on characters from the show's first and second Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. For a $60 pledge, players could pre-order 22 different miniatures based on Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein, along with certain key allies. The Kickstarter was a resounding success, with over 20,000 fans pledging over a million dollars towards the campaign.

Near the end of the campaign, Steamforged announced they were also publishing a limited edition miniature based on Vax, the elf rogue played by Liam O'Brien. The winged Vax figure would be made from resin instead of PVC and would require some basic assembly and cleaning work. While Steamforged planned to release the figure as a Gen Con exclusive, they eventually opened the figure up for fans around the world to purchase.

In a blogpost posted to their website earlier this week, Steamforged announced that the Vax figure would be the first in a series of Critical Role miniatures from their "Vault" collection. Steamforged can produce "Vault" miniatures with a much shorter turnaround, although the material and technique used to create them isn't feasible for large number runs. Steamforged noted that the "Vault" figures were perfect for competition-level miniature painters with very stringent needs and that they could produce alternate sculpts (like the Winged Vax figure) in short period of time.

Steamforged also noted that they had plans to make miniatures based on other Critical Role characters. "We have years' worth of content planned out and are working side by side with the Critical Role staff to make sure we'll see everyone's favorites," the blogpost read. There are a ton of great characters from the Critical Role world that could be made into fantastic miniatures, ranging from villains, NPCs, to guest characters.


Those who missed the initial Kickstarter can still make late pledges here. Fans can also order the winged Vax figure here.