Cryptozoic Mega Game Sale Features DC Deck Building Game, Ghostbusters, Rick And Morty, and More

Many are staying in their homes whenever possible to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, and [...]

Many are staying in their homes whenever possible to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, and as a result, are looking for ways to pass the time during self-quarantine. Board games, roleplaying games, and general tabletop gaming are great ways to do just that, and if you've been looking on some great deals Cryptozoic is now holding a mega sale that cuts prices in a big way on some of their biggest titles, including the DC Deck-Building Game, Ghostbusters, Rick And Morty, and more. If you're looking for a perfect way to get ready for their upcoming DC Dark Knights Metal set, this is it.

If you're a fan of the DC Deck-Building series, you can grab the newest iteration of the series, DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth, for $39.99, which heavily features cooperative play. You can also grab the Confrontations set, which introduces 2 vs 2 play ($30).

If you want more of the classic versus gameplay, almost all of the expansions are on sale, including the Teen Titans, Forever Evil, and Heroes Unite sets are on sale for $28 (normally $40).

If you're a Rick and Morty fan, you can pick up Total Rickall or The Ricks Must Be Crazy Multiverse Game for $9.99, while the Look Who's Purging Now Card Game is on sale for $4.99. Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind is on sale for $14.99, and The Pickle Rick Game is on sale for $19.99.

Other highlights include the Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game ($19.99), Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game ($24.99), and Ghostbusters: The Board Game, which had a huge price drop at $28.99.

Thee's even more to peruse, including Adventure Time, Spyfall, and Attack on Titan, and you can check out the full list right here.

Here's the sale's official description.

"Classes canceled? Have to work remotely? Your favorite upcoming event called off? Stay home and play games!

We know most of you out there are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so to help everyone remain home without going crazy from cabin fever, we're offering MAJOR DISCOUNTS on ALL our tabletop games through the end of March. You can get Rick and Morty games, entries in the DC-Deck-Building Game and Epic Spell Wars series, Pantone: The Game, and many other Cryptozoic titles for cheaper-than-Amazon prices. Free shipping in the continental U.S. for orders over $50! Pick up some amazing tabletop games and chill at home with your friends and family!

Go to our eStore to check out all the deals on games!"

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