This Custom 'Halo Infinite' Xbox One X Gives Us a Mighty Need

Details have been pretty mum ever since Halo Infinite made its grand debut during E3 2018, and though we've gotten a look at the game itself and some interesting concept art, the bulk of what the title will center around seems to be still shrouded in mystery - but what's an even bigger mystery is how this incredible fan-concept of an Infinite-inspired Xbox One X console isn't a real, buyable thing!

Designed by legendary concept artist 'Xbox Pope,' the above console is an amazing fan art workup requested by fans of the franchise in anticipation for the upcoming latest entry in the series. With the etchings in the system and the controller itself, to the worn armor look, this is definitely one of those exclusive consoles that would have Xbox fans throwing their money at the screen faster than a Needler can ruin a friendship.

We weren't the only ones with a mighty need either:


We still don't have a release date yet and honestly? We probably won't get one until Microsoft's showcase at E3 this year. Still, it's exciting to see any kind of progress coming along, and this incredible console design has just made that excitement reach breathtaking levels!

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