Dallas Has One of the Coolest PokeStops in Pokemon Go Ever

PokeStops are a real highlight in Pokemon Go. It's always fascinating to see what geographic locations have been deemed worthy by Niantic and the Pokemon Go community. Though there are certainly some frivolous PokeStops out there, there are also some really interesting ones that are well worth stopping to see. One such PokeStop is in Dallas, Texas, where a gorgeous throwback mural doubles as an homage to the earliest games in the series, as well as a living part of the world of Pokemon Go! The mural shows the protagonist from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow in a coloration that's meant to evoke Ash Ketchum, and a Mewtwo sprite based specifically on the creature's appearance in Yellow. Interestingly enough, there's also a painting of the PokeStop marker, to let visitors know about its functionality.

My girlfriend found this beaut in downtown Dallas... also happens to be a pokéstop ! from r/pokemon

It's always really fascinating to see art made by video game fans. Social media is inundated with art based on some of the most popular games of all-time (and even some less popular games), with the Pokemon franchise seeing more than its fair share. When the starting Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield were first unveiled by The Pokemon Company, fan-made images of Sobble could be found all across Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, within just a few short hours. It's truly a testament to the passion of video game fans. The public location of this mural, however, really goes a long way toward displaying that passion for casual audiences to see.

PokeStops have been an interesting topic of late for Niantic. The Pokemon Go developer recently rolled out an update for the game, allowing players over level 40 to recommend changes to existing PokeStops, or new PokeStop locations altogether! Fans were quite excited by the prospect, but unfortunately, they were a little too excited. Just a few days after the rollout, Niantic dropped the feature, fearing the demand would cause stability issues for the game. In a statement released over the weekend, Niantic has pledged that the feature will inevitably return, but players are understandably a bit disappointed, regardless.

The mural is located at 4420 Elm Street in Dallas, Texas. Do you think you'd be interested in seeing it in person? Are you still playing Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!