Danger Mouse Bringing The Danger Games To Nintendo Switch

Ooh crumbs! After spending years having adventures on Nickelodeon in the 90’s and saving the [...]

Ooh crumbs! After spending years having adventures on Nickelodeon in the 90's and saving the world from more havoc on Netflix as of late, Danger Mouse will finally be making his way to the Nintendo Switch this spring with the forthcoming The Danger Games.

The title, which originally debuted on mobile devices a little while back, is a racing game, where you choose from a number of characters in the Danger Mouse universe – including Silas Greenback, Danger Mouse, his nervous assistant Penfold and several others – as you venture across various levels.

Like most competitive racing games, The Danger Games is all about picking up ideal power-ups that can provide you a benefit in getting first place. These include a shrink ray that can make your opponents go slower as you literally walk over them, as well as speed boosts that provide a temporary advantage.

The nature of the game is pretty limited, based on the trailer above. However, the theme of the Netflix series looks to be perfectly recreated, between the various levels that you can race through (which obviously take place in London) and the various characters that are available.

The game is being produced by 9th Impact Studios, the same team that took care of the smartphone versions, and while a release date and price weren't given, The Danger Games doesn't look to be that much of a burden on your wallet. Hopefully we'll have more information soon on how much it'll cost.

Mario Kart it isn't, obviously, but for those of you that are fans of Danger Mouse – whether his old-school exploits or his newest mysteries over on Netflix – this should bring a little bit of joy. Plus, it's a game that your kids may enjoy as well, and might just get them interested in watching a little bit of Danger Mouse as well.

Now if we can just get 9th Impact to make a platforming game where we can switch off between Danger Mouse and Penfold as we attempt to release Greenback and stop him from taking over London. As Penfold might say, "Ooh, crumbs, that's a smashing idea!"