Darksiders Genesis Art Book Coming From Udon Entertainment

This post originally stated that Dark Horse Books is the publisher of the book. The Art of [...]

This post originally stated that Dark Horse Books is the publisher of the book. The Art of Darksiders Genesis is being published by Udon Entertainment. We regret the error.

Next month, Udon Entertainment will release The Art of Darksiders Genesis, a collection of art from the game. Darksiders Genesis was developed by Airship Syndicate, a team consisting of several veterans from the first two Darksiders games. The game also heralded the return of series creator Joe Madureira, perhaps best known for his art on X-Men and Battlechasers. Based on the game released late last year, the 200-page art book will feature character art, concepts, storyboards, and several other pieces of never-before-seen art. For fans of the game, and fans of Madureira's art, it should prove well worth the investment!

Released by THQ Nordic in late 2019, Darksiders Genesis is a prequel to the previous entries in the series. Prior to Genesis, each game in the series had featured a focus on a different Horseman of the Apocalypse, with the first focused on War. Genesis does put players in the role of newcomer Strife, but War also returned as a playable character. In the hack-and-slash RPG, players could switch between the two characters at-will. The Art of Darksiders Genesis features a cover by Maduereira, embracing the connection between the two protagonists, with War appearing front-and-center, while Strife looms in the background.

(Photo: Dark Horse Books)

While the video game industry has always struggled with preserving its own history, art books have helped to provide an outlet for the kind of sketches and concept art that so often ended up lost or destroyed. As such, art books based on video games have become a major part of the video game industry over the last few years. As gamers have started to seek out more information about the development process, developers and publishers have embraced the model. A number of art books have been made available over the years from Udon Entertainment, including Udon's Art of Capcom and The Art of Darksiders II.

Darksiders Genesis is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Google Stadia. The Art of Darksiders Genesis is set to release on July 7th. The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, where it's priced at $49.99.

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