Flying Tiger Entertainment Bringing Data East Classics To Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 And PC This Winter

Data East Classics

UPDATE: Looks like the games will be sold individually, going for $7.99 apiece.

ORIGINAL STORY: Data East games seem to always find a way to re-release, don’t they? If they’re not in MyArcade’s classic arcade game cabinets, then they’re available as digital re-releases for your favorite platforms. And it looks like a few will be making their way to consoles and PC later this winter.

Flying Tiger Entertainment has announced that it’s working on a new line called Johnny Turbo’s arcade, and, as part of that line-up, it will be re-releasing a number of Data East arcade classics for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

A specific list of games weren’t given by the company at this time (save for the role-playing/action adventure Gate of Doom), but there are “over 20 titles” that are launching, which means, more than likely, we’ll see classics like Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Karate Champ and BurgerTime as part of the line-up.


It’s also unknown if the games will be released individually or in groups, but, considering that companies like Arcade Archives thrive on individual game releases, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Johnny Turbo’s arcade followed the same business model, with games available for separate purchase. And let’s not forget how well SNK’s Neo-Geo re-releases sell under that set-up as well.

We’ll bring you more news on the releases as soon as we get it, but, hey, if that means we’ll be able to play online Bad Dudes alongside a friend on the Nintendo Switch, we’re totally in.