Bring Bad Dudes And Burgertime To Your Office (Or Anywhere) With These Mini Arcade Cabinets

Data East Arcade 4

We’ve seen companies offer the opportunity to acquire your own arcade game – in miniature form – particularly with that cool Centipede Kickstarter that passed with flying colors earlier this year. But now, you can add a few key gems to your game library – all without breaking your wallet.

My Arcade, a company known for producing retro gaming products and classic console accessories, has recently acquired the rights for a few classic titles from arcade game creator Data East. With that, just in time for the holidays, it’s introduced a new line of Micro Player miniature – and fully playable – arcade cabinets.

Details on where to find the games can be found here on the MyArcade home page, but here are the general details:

The games go for $29.99 apiece, and stand about six inches in height. As you can see from the pictures included with this article, they come with a full set of controls, including a joystick and buttons, along with their original arcade art. That Bad Dudes, tho!

Data East Arcade 2

As for the titles that are available in the line-up, they include Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, as well as the classic Burgertime and the beat-em-up fave Karate Champ. My Arcade also intends to release more Data East classics in 2018, including Heavy Barrel and Caveman Ninja (also known in some circles as Joe & Mac).


“To bring Burger Time, Bad Dudes and Karate Champ in their original form to a whole new generation of fans was a true labor of love,” said Crystal Dugan, marketing manager for My Arcade. “These Data East Micro Players are a fun and nostalgic way to collect and play your favorite classic games, and are the perfect ‘small’ gift idea for the holidays.”

Data East Arcade 2

Kudos to My Arcade for providing a nice little stocking stuffer to get us through the holiday season. And what a way to give someone some Bad Dudes love without breaking their wallets to boot. But of course, we have to ask – any chance of getting a RoboCop arcade cabinet? We’ll be good, promise.