Dauntless Player Capacity Increased Again, Connections and Queues Improved

Dauntless has played host to a ton of players since its full release on consoles and the PC platform, and Phoenix Labs has been working to keep up with the demand by squashing issues and allowing more players in at once. Working through the weekend to accommodate players who are just trying to get into the game, the developer of the monster hunting game recently increased the overall capacity and worked to eliminate a lengthy queue that players would sit through. Various reports from players were also tackled, and more work is to be done this week.

Phoenix Labs took to Twitter on Sunday as it had been doing throughout the entire weekend to share more news about the work being done on Dauntless. Amid the fixes listed previously, the game’s connections were also improved, and while specific plans for the rest of the week weren’t mentioned, Phoenix Labs is planning to “work on all services” throughout the week. The announcement on Twitter capped off a series of small updates from Sunday that culminated in the overview of everything that was done.

The queue to get into the game grew quite long at times as Dauntless experience its first weekend as a full release. While seeing queues in the thousands wasn’t uncommon, those numbers occasionally rose to the tens of thousands as players waited to get in. Queues were often resolved in as short a time as 10 minutes or so, but Destructoid reported that some players were being met with notices that said they could be in a queue for as long as three hours before passing through the gates of Dauntless.


It’s not difficult to imagine Dauntless would be facing these issues considering how many players it’s gained since its full release. Since May 21st, Phoenix Lab has been sharing updates on its player count amide the news of what work was being done on the game. One of the most recent updates confirmed that over 5 million players had signed on to be Slayers and hunt down the towering Behemoths of Dauntless, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see that the number has gone up after the game’s first public weekend, a long weekend no less.

Dauntless is now available as a free-to-play game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store.